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Wiffle ® Ball rules at Yellowbatz are different than what you're used to in baseball. There are similarities, but there are some big differences as well.


  • 3-6 Players per team, but no more than 5 on defense.
  • Must set batting order before game starts (All 3-6 players will be in the batting order)
  • Defensive players may change positions at any time


  • 7 Inning Games
  • 50 Minute time limit


  • Strike Zone
    • 21 inches wide x 28 inches high, and 15 inches off the ground
    • Any pitch that hits the strike zone is a strike.
  • How to get on base?
    • Well, first... we don't run the bases, we use "ghost runners"
    • Walk = 5 Balls
    • Single =
      1. A groundball that hits in fair territory before the outfield grass, then proceeds to roll/bounce into outfield grass.
      2. A groundball that is not fielded cleanly (bobbled).
      3. A caught ball off the wall!
    • Double = A ball that lands in the outfield grass.
    • Triple = A ball that hits off the outfield wall
    • Homerun = A ball over the outfield fence
    • "Ghost Runners" move as many bases as the hitter receives for their hit (ex. "Ghost Runner" on 2nd base and the batter hits a single. "Ghost Runners" would now be on 1st and 3rd base)
  • Ways to get Out
    • 3 swinging strikes (unlimited foul balls)
    • One-and-Done = A pitched ball that hits the strikezone when the batter does NOT swing
    • A defender cleanly fields a groundball (The defenders feet must be on the infield dirt or grass)
    • A ball that comes to a complete stop before the outfield grass
    • Double Play = Any fielded ball that results in the batter getting out can then be thrown at the strike zone for a 2nd out. If the throw hits the strike zone in the air, it results in a double play. (Must be a force out - runners on 1st; 1st and 2nd; or bases loaded)
  • Misc. Rules
    • Foul balls cannot be caught for an out
    • Dead Ball = When a batted ball hits a ball laying in fair territory. Play will revert back to the previous count.
    • 10 Run mercy rule after 4 full innings (or 3.5 if home team is winning)


  • Balls
    • Wiffle ® Balls, eight perforations are the only legal balls. 
    • Wiffle ® Balls may be scuffed, but NOT cut.
    • Wiffle ® Balls with cracks or gashes must be removed.
  • Bats
    • Any plastic Wiffle ® Ball bat may be used.
    • Taping of the handles and/or barrels is permitted.
    • Aluminum bats are NOT permitted.



  • 1st Offense = Warning
  • 2nd Offense = Forfeit of game
  • 3rd Offense = Team is suspended for remainder of season